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Teeniemünde Rocketry Club

Teeniemünde Officers

Prefect: Marty Cox
Prefecture Secretary: Blair Clark President: Marty Cox
Vice-President: TBA
Treasurer: Blair Clark

Membership List 2016
(In Alphabetical Order)

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Corky Borgmann TRA 10184 L3
Kevin Carder TRA 7663 L1
Blair Clark TRA 7979, NAR 72793 L3
Gary Cole Secretary/Treasurer, TRA 4841 L3, NAR 18962 L3
Marty Cox Prefect, TRA 8853 L3, NAR 81454
Craig Davis  
Joseph Dorsett  
Rocky Eckhardt TRA 9865 L2
Juan Gonzalez TRA 12184 L2
Mark Grant TRA 06955 L3
Randall Jessee TRA 9516 L2
Mick Kelly TRA 2937 L2
Chuck Lauritzen TRA 12486 L2
Gary Loyd TRA 9298 L2
Larry Mills TRA 7015 L3
Tim Navickas TRA 8418 L2
Cris Pfister TRA 12540, NAR 90103
Don Pfister TRA 12271 L2, NAR 89344 L2
Nicholas Stich TRA 8185 L3, NAR 79207 L3
Henry Stratmann TRA 7983 L1
Mark Sullivan TRA 3093 L2, NAR 72472
Mark Thompson NAR 82755 L1
Jerome Tonneson TRA 8207 L3, NAR 76200 L3
Rodney VanMeter TRA 9299 L2
Paul Woods TRA 9298 L2
This symbol means you haven't due your dues.

Teeniemünde Dues

Teeniemünde's 2016 dues are $30.00 per year.

Non-members can fly at Teeniemünde launches for a $5.00 per day fee. Please read the notice below.

For new members, dues will be pro-rated at the rate of $7.50 per quarter year for the number of quarters remaining in the year when the new member joins. Remaining quarter years will be rounded up for pro-rating. IE: A new member joins at the May launch. Their dues will be $22.50 for three remaining quarters.

All membership fees are due on January 1 of each year. Persons who were active Teeniemünde members during the previous calendar year owe the full $30.00 annual dues, regardless of the time during the current calendar year that they pay. Current Teeniemünde members more than 4 months late in paying their membership dues will be required to pay the $5 daily flyers fee until they pay their annual membership. The $5 flyers fee will not be deducted from their annual membership. Sorry, but no exceptions for late payments due to cancelled launches. I can't control the weather, but the mail always gets through. A former member who has not due dues or attended a launch during the previous calendar year may rejoin Teeniemünde at any time during the current calendar year at the pro-rated amount.

To send dues payment by mail, contact Prefecture Secretary Tim Navickas, and he can email you a mailing address.

Attention Guest flyers & new members: You must have appropriate NAR or Tripoli certification to fly high-power. Teeniemünde is a Tripoli-sanctioned club (Tripoli Mo-Kan #101) and has a Prefect, Marty Cox, who can help you with your L1 & L2 certifications. The Prefect has field applications and certification forms that allows new members to make their first L1 certification flight on their first visit to a Teeniemünde launch. Teeniemünde is also lucky enough to has a Tripoli TAP Member (Technical Advisory Panel) to help you with your L3 certification: James Ball

All adults must either join Teeniemünde or pay the $5.00 daily fee unless flying low impulse class rockets. This change is made necessary to help defray the cost to Teeniemünde of the new annual Tripoli charter fee that pays for our site insurance. This policy is subject to change without notice.

Spectators who can and will follow the safety rules are welcome at launches and need not join, although we will be happy to take your money.

Teeniemünde Bylaws

Payment of membership dues
  • Membership is from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31
  • Annual dues are $30.00
  • The non-member launch fee is $5.00 per day. Non-members under the age of 18 may fly Model Rockets without paying a launch fee.
  • Dues must be due by the end of the first month of the new year. This will in its own give a 30 day grace period.
  • Persons attending the first launch of the year ( Jan. if possible ) will be allowed to fly if no dues are due, because of the 30 day grace.
  • Persons owing dues attending the next launch will have to pay a launch fee of five dollars if dues are not due in full.
  • Persons paying launch fees on a monthly basis will not be listed as a member until their membership is due in full.( no exceptions)
  • A person who due a launch fee, who then pays his/her dues will still be responsible for the full years dues
    ( exceptions : A first time member joining us ).
  • Persons or person who is a new-be wishing to join our club in the middle of a years membership can have membership dues
    prorated for the remainder of the year ( new members only )
  • If for any reasons a person can not pay the full amount of dues at a single time that person or persons may contact the club's
    prefect and with only his/her permission be able to make payments.  No more than two payments will be allowed.
    This may be of help to some of our new members coming in and possibly for existing member(s) who have fallen on financial hardship.
  • No payment made to the club for membership dues or flying fees will be refunded for any reason.

Last updated 27 May, 2016

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