Teeniemunde Launch Report, October 10th, Toby's

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Allison Loyd The Flash Rocket B6-4
2 Olivia Loyd The Boobah B6-4
3 Gary Loyd Guardian C6-7 590'; First use of Altimeter
4 Marty Cox Big Daddy Extreme F20-7
5 Allison Crayon E9-4 416'
6 Olivia Tinkerbell D12-5
7 Corky Borgmann Soul Ship J357WW New Igniter, Rebuilt Camera
8 Gary New Lower Price I235WC Camera; Lawn Dart, camera & altimeter destroyed
9 Marty Kevlar 38 G64
10 Olivia Tinkerbell D12-5
11 Olivia The Boobah C6-7
12 Marty Big Bertha E9-6