Teeniemunde Launch Report, August 9th, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Corky Borgmann Sunburst AMW J357WW
2 Allison Loyd Super Duper Flash B4-4
3 C Davis Intercepter C6-5
4 Marty Cox Blender I218R
5 Gary Loyd Broncotorpedo II AT K805 Level 2 Cert, Successful
6 Blair Clark Stretched Warlok AMW J370 GG 2176 ft.
7 Mark Thompson Lancer G64-7
8 Dave Althuis Zephyr 3 K805 to I170 2 stage, Sustainer not recovered as of 5:30
9 Gary Bondo King 3 D12-5 Cluster, all lit. Nice flight
Plus, somewhere in the middle there we had a 14 rocket drag race using Rocky Eckhardt's
multi pad launch controller. It was spectacular! Below are the participating flyers and rockets.
Check out a video here.
1 Rocky Eckhardt Star Rider A8-3
2 Rocky America A8-3
3 Rocky Colors E9-6
4 C Davis SR-71 C6-5
5 Marty Cox Big Bertha D12-5
6 Marty CC Express D12-5
7 Marty Nike Smoke C6-7
8 Marty Scorpion A8-3
9 Marty Big Rage C6-5
10 Corky Borgmann Scratch C6-5
11 Mark Thompson Kraken D15-4
12 Allison Loyd Crayon E9-4
13 Olivia Loyd Boo Bah B4-4
14 Gary Loyd Guardian C6-7