Teeniemunde Launch Report, August 9th, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Marty Cox Nike Smoke C6-7
1 Jerome Tonneson Maniac D9-7W 99th firing of this hardware
2 Marty Cox Blender I245G Mojave Green 351 N
3 Corky Borgmann Ernie H125
4 Jerome Airspike F20-7W
5 Jerome Silver Comet C11-3
6 Marty Kevlar 38 H123 38mm Min. Dia. Maiden flight 3112 ft.
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7 Jerome Longshot C11-0, C6-5
8 Jerome Silver Comet C11-3
9 Jerome Longshot C11-0, C6-5
10 Corky Warloc J460 Short flight 997 ft.
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11 Jerome Maxi Alpha III C11-3
12 Corky The Kid E23 Closest to the pad. Great motor
13 Talon Thompson King Kraken G64-5 First successful flight
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14 Jerome Silver Comet C11-3
15 Mark Thompson Lancer G64 Clickherefor a video
16 Corky Stovi F40 Clickherefor a video
17 Marty Big Daddy H128 Squirrely flight. Not enough nose weight
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