Teeniemunde Launch Report, September 27th, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Mark Thompson ? 2 C6-7 Cluster
1 Jerome Tonneson Big Daddy 3 C6-5 Cluster
2 Nick Stich 5X Mosquito 3 D12-3 Cluster
3 Talon Thompson BT80 Talon G76-7G 2nd Flight
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4 Jerome Initiator F40-7W Clickherefor video
5 Nick 5X Mosquito 3 D12-3 Clickherefor video
6 Corky Ernie H242 1444 Ft.
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7 Emma Eckhardt Red Rocket B6-4
8 Jerome Maniac D15-7T
9 Mark Thompson Space Angel G77R
10 Nick 3X Mosquito D13-4
11 Jerome Longshot C11-0, C6-7 Staged
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12 Rocky Eckhardt Wallace and Gromit G80T-4
13 Rocky Astrocam B6-4
14 Jerome Initiator G64-7 Clickherefor video
15 Corky Ernie I195 Red Rhino 3200 Ft.
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16 Emma Red Rocket B6-4
17 Marty Cox What the "L" K1100
18 Jerome Maniac D15-7T
19 Nick Prowler D12-5
20 Nick Prowler D12-5
21 Jerome Initiator G35 Clickherefor video
22 Mark Ripper F40 Lost Case
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23 Marty Thunderbolt 38 G53 92 NS
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24 Jerome Initiator G35
25 Jerome Maxi Alpha III E9-4 Clickherefor video
26 Jerome Maxi Alpha III E9-4
27 Corky Camera Rocket J500 Clickherefor video
28 Jerome Maxi Alpha III E9-4
29 Jerome Maxi Alpha III E9-4