Teeniemunde Launch Report, July 15th, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Marty Cox Standard Arm J350 Maiden flight
2 Blair Clark Mad Dog J415 4246 ft. Good flight
3 Brian, Taylor, Tim Lewis SR-71 Blackbird C6-3
4 Deaven Thompson Estes X-Prize 2 x B6-4 First flight. 4H rocket
5 The Lewises 2 Stage Patriot C6-0/C6-5Lost, Great flight though
6 Andy Brennon Mean Machine D12-5
7 Blair Cluster's Last Stand 3 x C6-5 Good Flight
8 The Lewises Blue Streak C6-3
9 Mark Thompson EE Doc Smith F12-5 Stuck to rod. Blew out side of rocket
10 The Lewises Alpha B6-4 Lost
11 The Lewises Viking A8-3
12 The Lewises Ninja A3-4T
13 Mark Antares Hawk F12-5
14 Marty Lemmego Again H165R
15 The Lewises Ruthless B6-4
16 The Lewises Gnome A3-4T Midget
17 The Lewises Wizard A8-3
18 The Lewises Rampage B6-4 Lost streamer
19 Marty Deuces Wild 2 x C6-5
20 The Lewises Cyber Soar C6-3
21 The Lewises Cyber Soar II C6-0/C6-5 Horizontal sustainer, Lost