Teeniemunde Launch Report, February 20th, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Marty Cox Nike Smoke A8-3
2 Hunter Thurn Comanchee A8-3
3 Marty Nike Smoke B6-4
4 Hunter SR-71 Blackbird C6-3 Went horizontal through the trees, splintered
5 Marty Thunderbolt38 G40-7 Maiden Flight
6 Marty CC Express C11 to D12 2-stage, lost sustainer
7 Jody Dorsett Zenith 2 B6 to A8 2-stage, good flight
8 Hunter Tie Fighter C6-3
9 Hunter X-Wing C6-5
10 Marty Blackout I205
11 Jody All Weather F12-3
12 Jody Baby Bertha 1/2A-2