Teeniemunde Launch Report, June 13th, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Buddy Lagle Ionizer B6-4
2 Corky Borgmann Express D11-0 to D12-5
3 Warren Lagle Green Onion 3xC6-5&2xD12-3 Major tail damage
4 Warren USSC Terrastar D12-3
5 Marty Cox Big Daddy D12-5
6 Warren No. 2 Lead Pencil C6-4
7 Corky Home Built Crayon G80
8 Warren Chrome Dome B6-4
9 Corky Home Made Red Dart F40
10 Rocky Eckhardt Finless 2xB6-4 Motors canted for spin stabilization
11 Rocky Finless 2xC6-3
12 Buddy Ionizer B6-4
13 Corky Estes Exciter D12-5
14 Warren Big Rage C6-5
15 Marty Big Big Bertha 3xE9-4
16 Warren Red Storm B6-4
17 Marty Big Big Bertha 3xE9-6

*Note: Threat of imposing weather led to closing of waiver without firing any HP rockets.