Teeniemunde Launch Report, May 18th, 2003, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Marc S Blue Ninja D12-5
2 Paul W Plug G35-4W
3 Marty C Lemmego Too G69-9
4 Fred S Ol' yeller F21-4
5 Paul W Phantom G80-7T
6 Jerome T Eliminator D9-7W
7 Paul W Small Endeavour G35-7W
8 Rocky E Estes Dude E9-4
9 Nick S Red Rage II I205
10 Jerome T Initiator G64-7W
11 Marc S Yankee A8-3
12 Rocky E Warthog F20-4W
13 Larry M AMRAAM 2 G69 It helps it you turn the video camera on *before* pushing the 'launch' button.
14 Paul W Smoochie I285
15 Marc S Defender F20-7W
16 Mary C Efin' Gone H180 Radio tracker on board.
17 Marc S Code Red C6-5
18 Rocky E Scratch-built Sandhawk G38-4FJ Home-built dual deployment altimeter.
19 Jerome T Airspike D13-4W
20 Marc S Omega G35-4W