Teeniemunde Launch Report, June 8th, Arma, KS

Launch Flyer's Name Rocket Name Motor(s) Notes
1 Jerome T Initiator F24-4W
2 Jerome T Mirage F52-5T
3 Courtney G Courtney's Blue and Black Flying High Mean Machine E9
4 Marty C RIM-67 E9-4 x3, E9-8 Staging did not happen.
5 Jerome T Mirage F40-4W
6 Rocky E Warthog F23-7FJ
7 Larry M 2" AMRAAM G69 On-board camera
8 Blair C Public Enemy Patriot F20-4W First flight.
9 Larry Z Initiator F24-4W
10 Jerome T Airspike F24-7W
11 Rocky E Estes V-2 G35-4W Wow! Landed far away.
12 Marty C Blackout J285 Nice flight; Landed right at the road.
13 Jerome T Airspike F24-7W
14 Marty C Lemmego F50
15 Larry Z Strongarm F23
16 Marty C Lemmego F25-6W
17 Jerome T Airspike F24-7W
18 Jerome T Mirage G64-4W Motor CATO
19 Larry Z Purple Haze I285