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Teeniemünde Rocketry Club
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What's Mo-Kan?

That's the area around the Southeast corner of Kansas and the Southwest corner of Missouri. Joplin, Missouri is the largest city in the area. Pittsburg, Kansas is the largest city on the Kansas side. Joplin & Pittsburg are only 30 miles apart.

Teeniemünde membership

We have members from Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, and both sides of the river in Kansas City.
We fly everything from 1/2-A Modroc to High Power level-2. Members' interests range from Estes kits all the way to Amateur/Experimental.

Founding member Ben Peters finally flys Ben's White Rocket.

What does Teeniemünde mean?

Back before the group was formally organized, Ben remarked that--like Peenemünde--it seemed there were a lot of crashes close to the launch site and suggested that the group be called "Teeniemünde."
Our record of successful flights has improved considerably from those early days.