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Important Announcement!

NAR will be holding NARAM 58 in Walnut Grove! Dates are July 23-29. Official information can be found at, or check out their Facebook page here

Launch Site Property

All launches conducted by Teeniemunde/Tripoli Mo-Kan Inc. are done with prior permission from the landowners. Any persons found launching rockets on these properties at any other time are trespassing, and will be dealt with as such. Please wait until a scheduled launch date to launch at our location.

Teeniemünde Rocketry Club

Tripoli Prefecture #101 (Tripoli Mo-Kan Inc.)
High Power Rocketry for Southeast Kansas & Southwest Missouri.

Hubble Shatters The Cosmic Record For Most Distant Galaxy

The farther away you look in the distant universe, the harder it is to see what's out there. This isn't simply because more distant objects appear fainter, although that's true. It isn't because the universe is expanding, and so the light has farther to go before it reaches you, although that's true, too. The reality is that if you built the largest optical telescope you could imagine -- even one that was the size of an entire planet -- you still wouldn't see the new cosmic record-holder that Hubble just discovered: galaxy GN-z11, whose light traveled for 13.4 billion years, or 97% the age of the universe, before finally reaching our eyes. Click here to read article.

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August 27 at Walnut Grove
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